Welcome to Dr. Cheng Chang’s web site of world stamp collection by country. Dr. Cheng Chang intends to collect over 90% of the world’s stamps from 1840, the world’s first stamp, up to and around 1990, though collections from many countries, such as China, Canada, Germany and so on, are up to year of 2000 or even over. This web site is still under construction and will be updated by daily bases. Whenever a country’s collection reaches 90% completion or over, its collection will be posted on this site.


If Dr. Cheng Chang can reach his goal in the near future, he will work towards his second goal, to build a world stamp museum, which belongs to a nonprofit public organization. He will then be able to donate his collection to the museum and hopeful can attract more people to donate their scares and precious stamps to the museum, so that some day the museum will contain the World’s complete up to date stamp collection and let stamp collectors from the world to enjoy them.


Dr. Chang thanks his wife, Sufang Wang’s help and support, the latter organized Chinese, except for Hong Kong and Macao, and Canadian collection.